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Hi,  My name is Lee Bell and I live in Wilmington North Carolina.  I'm a disabled vet that builds various types of recumbent trikes for myself and in the last 10 years or I've also been building them for others. Most of them have gone to local disabled people.   Contact me if you would like to know more.

 The trikes I build are designed so they don't need any special parts.  I've had people ask me why I always use forks for the front wheels versus using single sided axles like almost all other trikes are made. The answer is two fold. One, it makes the wheel stronger and two, it's simply economic.  If you manage to mess up one of the front wheels you can easily buy another regular 20" wheel to use versus having to get a wheel special made at some local bike shop. I can buy another entire new 20" bike from just about any big box store for less than what the local shops would charge me for a new rim and lacing it up to my hub to make a special wheel.  That's saying nothing agains't the locals shops either because as far as I can tell they are reasonably priced. It's just that labor time is expensive. 

  I try to keep the prices down because I've found that like me most other disabled people don't have much in the way of extra money to buy high priced items.  One of the ways I keep the prices down is recycling old bikes for parts. There are almost always deals on Craigslist and other local sites where 2 wheel bikes can be bought for much less than retail costs.  Building trikes this way has allowed me to build trikes for people that have only costed $300-$650 depending on what we could find for donor bikes and what they wanted on the trikes.   I only charge what it costs me for materials used and $100 for my time which is included in the final price.  It takes me a week or two to build one of these once I have all the parts needed.  I have to deal with a disability also and sometimes it doesn't let me get anything done for a couple of days at a time.

  Because of the way I source the parts needed  I can't guarantee prices to people up front. It all depends on what we can find that will work and what other particular items the person might want installed.

 I normally build the trikes to specifically fit the person that will be riding them but  I can make them adjustable if someone want's that.  I can also add an electric or gas assist system if wanted.  I build what a person wants, whether it be a tadpole style with two wheels in the front and one in the back or delta style which has one wheel in the front and two in the back.  I will not build a four wheel bike as they are not legal here in N.C. to ride on the roads.  

Below are a few examples of the tadpole style trikes I have been building.  These are not touring trikes but trikes built for local errands and havinf fun with!   They are pretty sturdy - I've ridden my current one all over the area including on trails in the woods for about 10 years now. 

  I do only local sales and pickup. These trikes do not break down into small pieces so I would need to build a crate and use truck shipping. That would end up costing a couple hundred dollars at least and there is also the fact that I don't drive and have no way to deliver them to a shipping company.     Sorry folks.

This one is actually a 63 speed. 21 normal gears plus granny gear, normal and overdrive.
They are all built with extra space behind the seat for batteries and a motor if wanted.

Basic 21 speed.   Caliper, drum or disk brakes can be installed

Direct steering style

My personal full size mobility scooter.  4 speed with reverse. Large cargo rack in back folds down for use.
It has a full lighting system with turn signals and emergency blinkers too. A voltage meter for the batteries and a speedometer.  I currently have about 900 miles on my odometer. I enjoy riding it!
This has been upgraded with aluminum mag wheels and moped tires now and also has a sun canopy.
Maximum speed 15 mph required by law in NC.  Approximately 30 mile range with current batteries.

According to the law you must be disabled with a walking disability to legally use one of these in N.C.